but safety does not come first

not every artist has to thrill you, for certain. but here is my thought du jour: it really doesnt matter. an artists aesthetic is just a portion of what they have created, it is a relevant thought in time. dismissals of artists based on personal opinion can teach that if one doesnt instantly understand art, then they can say they dont like it, and this is reasonable. artworks are pieces of history and abstract thought. to learn about history is to learn about ourselves.
little girls, said miss brodie, come in and observe this….this is stanley baldwin who got in as prime minister and got out again ere long, said miss brodie. miss mackay retains him on the wall because she believes in the slogan “safety first”. but safety does not come first. goodness, truth and beauty come first. follow me.
-the prime of miss jean brodie

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I did save this pic. So vintage! LOVE IT!

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