eau de lierre


my search for a new fragrance has concluded. overwhelmed by the number of perfumes at holts and my fear of settling for mass marketed scent, i made my way to noor in yorkville on the advice of a friend. while i knew what i wanted, i struggled slightly in my attempt to describe it. the best i could do was to say that i liked the idea of the mixture of forest scents, or a field of wild flowers. eau de lierre by diptyque has keynotes of cyclamen, ivy leaves, musk, and rosewood and was exactly what i was looking for.


marniemmmmm said...

She smells like she rolled in a forest in the Row for a photo shoot for Karl. Yup that sums it up.

Also see this

magdalyn said...

i knew you would understand

patience said...

but your old scent is so you!!

magdalyn said...

i rotate :) i needed a new one in the mix

M.L.H said...

Noor is the world's best scent shop.