treatise on elegant living


about a century ago, dead fleurette tagged me in a post about what we carry in our bags. i took this photo in the winter for my response and realized i never posted it! so heres my outdated post.

mini moleskin and my uvic pen, savon de marseille hand creme, ipod, pur peppermint gum, ysl envelope wallet, chelsea girl lipstick by nars, livre du moment (at that time ionesco, until this week steinbeck, at present balzac.. treatise on elegant living), and of course the object of an ultimate love-hate relationship, my phone. yes, my background is a celtics/raptors game. defying categorization never hurt anyone.


Alexandra said...

Love your ysl envelope purse.


patience said...

damn...even your bag innards are cool!

i would need about 3 photographs to show what's in my giant bag!

patience said...

p.s. i really want that wallet

Mark said...

I like you. You're neat.