he painted me when i was young


couldnt say no to these leather woven prada flats. im saving my chanel purchase until im in paris again (trying for this fall!).

these flats have the same general colouring that i so admire with the chanels, but i really liked the straw-like look of them for summer. with denim and a white shirt it reminds me of a take on jane birkin's basket bags.


he painted me when i was young because he was in love with me, but now that he has loved me he doesnt paint me anymore - jane birkin


Susu and S. said...

Can we move to Paris together...?

Alexandra said...
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Alexandra said...

These are gorgeous!


magdalyn said...

it's going to happen, serina!

patience said...

what a beautiful vogue print!

hi i miss you!

a fashion blogger said...

i am in love with those adorable shoes!